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Berger's Clouded Yellow

(Colias alfacariensis)


Female 30/06/07 Rhône (69)

Male 16/05/06 Rhône (69)

Egg laid on Coronilla varia 16/05/08 Rhône (69)

Egg developing on Hippocrepis comosa 04/05/09 Rhône (69)

First instar caterpillar on Coronilla varia (captive bred), 06/05/09 Rhône (69)

Caterpillar in final livery on Coronilla varia (captive bred), 18/05/09 Rhône (69)

Young chrysalis on Coronilla varia (captive bred), 22/05/09 Rhône (69)

Mature male chrysalis on Coronilla varia (captive bred), 29/05/09 Rhône (69)

Female 15/05/12 Rhône (69)

Male 30/04/09 Rhône (69)

Female 09/09/07 Rhône (69)

The Berger's Clouded Yellow is a species which flies over calcareous ground where an abundance of its larval food plants Hippocrepis comosa or Coronilla varia are found. The species is almost identical to the Pale Clouded Yellow (Colias hyale) and correct identification poses a great deal of difficulty. This is why studying habitat requirements is a distinct advantage as the caterpillar of C.hyale is reported as feeding on a number of widespread fabaceae such as Trifolium repens and Medicago sativa.

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