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(Polygonia c-album)


10/04/07 Rhône (69)

Underside of insect above, 10/04/07 Rhône (69)

27/03/07 Rhône (69)

16/03/05 Rhône (69)

11/03/11 Rhône (69)

Form hutchinsoni 08/07/06 Rhône (69)

08/03/11 Rhône (69)

Aberration delta-album, 19/06/13 Rhône (69)

28/02/12 Rhône (69)

08/10/14 Rhône (69)

Caterpillar on elm, 04/05/15 Rhône (69)

Egg on nettle, 30/03/17 Rhône (69)

Form hutchinsoni 10/06/15 Rhône (69)


This butterfly is very distinctive on both surfaces. The jagged wing edges are very noticeable and on the undersides a conspicuous white ‘c’ in the shape of a comma makes the butterfly unmistakable. The flight is quite rapid but graceful and ‘fritillary-like’ which could be misleading in identification if the butterfly was only seen in the air. Summer butterflies (form hutchinsoni) are generally lighter in colour than spring and autumn ones.  In spring Commas can most easily be found nectaring on tree blossom. In garden situations the species can be persuaded to land on your hand held out at arms length. There are various aberrations described with regard to the white ‘c’ which is sometimes 'misshapen' .... such as in the example delta-album above in which the mark is extended into a roughly triangular shape.   

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