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Green Hairstreak

(Callophrys rubi)


17/05/05 Rhône (69)

04/05/05 Rhône (69)

10/04/16 Rhône (69)

19/04/06 Rhône (69)

16/04/07 Rhône (69)

21/04/09 Rhône (69)

07/04/08 Rhône (69)

28/04/16 Rhône (69)

Caterpillar on Genista tinctoria, 17/05/11 Rhône (69)


As hairstreaks go this one’s an easy one to see. It’s a springtime butterfly and although it’s not always abundant the distinctive hairstreak ‘jizz’ at this time of the year somehow makes it conspicuous. The butterfly always rests with wings closed and the green undersides make excellent camouflage as adults rest on the leaves of trees and bushes. It can only really be confused with the Chapman's Green Hairstreak (C.avis) but that is a rarer species in southern Europe.

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