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Grizzled Skipper

(Pyrgus malvae/malvoides)


Male 13/05/04 Rhône (69), P.m.malvae

29/04/09 Rhône (69), P.m.malvae

05/05/09 Rhône (69), P.m.malvae

25/06/06 Rhône (69), P.m.malvae

03/04/12 Rhône (69)

28/08/09 Rhône (69), P.m.malvoides ..... photo Vincent Picat

15/07/11 Rhône (69), P.m.malvoides

13/07/16 Rhône (69), P.m.malvoides

Form taras, 20/05/13 Rhône (69)


The Grizzled Skipper is widespread though rather low density in my experience. Like all skippers the butterfly is small and the buzzing flight very fast and erratic, making it literally impossible to follow. Thus much care and patience is required to observe it. Whilst the nominate form P.m.malvae is single brooded, in southern France it is replaced by the double-brooded subspecies malvoides. Local observations from mid-July to September confirm the presence of this subspecies in the south of the Rhône département, probably on the northern limit of its distribution in France. Whilst it would be difficult to differentiate the two subspecies from exterior markings, from the upperside I find that generally malvoides comes across rather browner with less numerous and cluttered white markings, and sometimes a shallower cell-spot on the hindwing. The form taras has the white markings on the upper forewing stretched out into bands; this form is encountered infrequently. Pyrgus and Spialia are typical species of flower-rich meadows and join the Melitaea and Mellicta fritillaries of the same habitat in the spring, and summer for those which are double-brooded.

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