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Large Ringlet

(Erebia euryale)


In the clutches of a spider, 18/07/04 Spanish Pyrenees

18/07/04 Spanish Pyrenees, underside of insect above.

The Large Ringlet is a species which I've had a few opportunities to observe but which I can never seem to get to grips with. The butterflies spot me coming and flee to the tree tops to hide!! I am only able to present photographs of a dead specimen caught by a spider here but I am pleased to say that I have nonetheless seen a couple of live ones! It's quite a variable species, the main point of confusion resulting from colonies with pupilled eyespots which tend to throw the cat amongst the pigeons, eventhough we are talking about butterflies here! These photographs show what I call a nice, strongly marked typical female. The fringes are sharply chequered and the upperside forewing ocelli are small and blind. The underside of the hindwing shows a strong, whitish post-discal band with a sharp 'hook' in the middle. The male is a much more uniform brown on this surface. The name of the insect is a little misleading as it is of distinctly average size. 

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