Since I put up my website I've established contact with some very special butterfliers who have their own websites full of super photos. You can consult these sites below.

Guy Padfield ...........Guy kindly gave permission for me to put a few of his special photos on the site before I was taking pictures of my own. He has an extraordinary love for butterflies and has generously shared much of his knowledge with me. I will always look upon him as someone who welcomed me with open arms when I contacted him as a total stranger and proposed he guide me around some Alpine meadows looking for butterflies amongst beautiful mountain scenery. A personality second to none, I shall always value his friendship. Visit his super butterfly website.

Matt Rowlings ...........Matt, like Guy, is another lepster (that's Matt's word!) who has a mountain of experience. He's much travelled and his website stands out as being the reference point where one can access photographs and comments on a whole host of European species that most of us will struggle to come across!!

Peter Groenendijk ...........Peter's a Dutchman who's discovered that the south of France is indeed a superb place for searching out and photographing butterflies. Plenty of interesting photos from that area and elsewhere in Europe.

Roger Gibbons ...........Roger has formed a special relationship with butterflying in the south of France and his website presents a significant number of the species to be encountered there, aswell as from the whole of France in general. Loads of smashing photos and commentaries.

Philippe Bricaire  ...........Philippe has also travelled extensively in France and has built up an impressive photo gallery including both butterflies and burnet moths. 

French websites:


Lepinet ..... distribution maps regularly updated for all French départements. Click on any département to access the number of butterflies and moths occurring there, then click on 'Rhopalocères' for details of the butterflies.

Côté Nature .....super photos from various regions.

Other European links:

Moths and Butterflies of Europe and North Africa


Butterfly Conservation European Interests Group

Optical equipment:


Binoculars .....a pair of close focusing binoculars are essential in my opinion for identifying butterflies in inaccessible places or from a distance before going in and inadvertently disturbing them. There are reasonable quality binoculars available at low cost. I am currently using the excellent Pentax Papilio 6.5 x 21 which have close focusing to 50cm. These are just great for butterflies. The link points to the new version II of these binoculars. I still use the version I.

Photography ..... it is rewarding to preserve the memories of butterflies seen by taking photographs. Modern digital cameras take remarkably good pictures. I currently use a Canon Powershot SX120IS which I have had since 2010. It is an easy 'point and shoot' camera enabling me to achieve a high percentage of acceptable photos without manual adjustments. A resolution of at least 7 million pixels is recommended for original photos.


Tolman/Lewington .....is the standard guide for identifying European butterflies.

Lafranchis .....is an interesting study of French butterflies. The original sales price was 43,45€.