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Provençal Short-tailed Blue

(Everes alcetas)


Male 06/05/03 Rhône (69)

Male 30/06/07 Rhône (69)

Female 03/09/07 Rhône (69)

Male 19/08/18 Rhône (69)

25/04/07 Rhône (69)

Male 15/04/07 Rhône (69)

Male on Medicago lupulina 30/06/07 Rhône (69)

Female 04/05/08 Rhône (69)

Underside of insect above, 04/05/08 Rhône (69)

19/08/10 Rhône (69)

13/04/11 Rhône (69)

Male 04/07/12 Rhône (69)

Male 10/06/15 Rhône (69)

Female 30/07/15 Rhône (69)

Male 15/08/15 Rhône (69)

Male 05/07/18 Rhône (69)


This is a small species, and fresh adults of both sexes are beautiful specimens. The male is a lovely sky blue and the female a rich, dark grey-brown. The butterfly seems rather prone to a lot of difference in size. There are tiny males with vestigial, virtually invisible tails and very fine black borders on the uppersides and there are much larger specimens with all features much better developed. Previously restricted to the southern half of France, the butterfly seems to be progressing rapidly northwards at present. In the Lyon area the females lay their eggs on black medick (Medicago lupulina) which is a common plant and both sexes may be seen nectaring on the tiny, yellow flowers. 

Rhône list

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