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Provence Orange Tip

(Anthocharis euphenoides)


Male 23/04/13 Var (83)

20/04/15 Var (83)

13/04/08 Var (83), female on the right

13/04/08 Var (83), female on the right

Male 09/05/06 Var (83)

Male 07/05/14 Var (83)

Female 09/05/06 Var (83)

Female 24/05/05 Var (83)

Female 06/05/14 Var (83)

This is a 'southern' Orange Tip in which the male is a splendid yellow colour with a wide, vivid orange forewing apex and the white female has some orange to her forewing tips too, unlike the female of A.cardamines. I have encountered the species in Provence on a few occasions where it was locally common but always difficult to photograph, incessantly on the move. Some authors still regard this butterfly as a subspecies of the Moroccan Orange Tip (Anthocharis belia).

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